Audiosonic: AI voice generator is a tool that is integrated into chatsonic, the ability of audiosonic is it can produce your text into speech and voice. 

Writesonic company came up with the idea of making software with can easily change your text into speeches that is how the language barrier has decreased so much and that tool is performing very efficiently in the modern world. 

As we know in Freelancing you can be anyone working for any company staying on any piece of land, and speaking any language, so by providing that tool to the freelancing community now it is straightforward to communicate in any language and get your deals done.

Explaining The Powers Of Audiosonic

Audiosonic first release is and has more than 10 languages, as Audiosonic can bypass all the language barriers, and it is also very helpful in making your content unique.

Here are some pros of Audiosonic

  • Audiosonic can generate human-like audio.
  • Audiosonic magic is that it can generate multi-lingual text-to-speech.
  • Ability to generate instant AI voice.
  • Generate text from chatsonic and change it into voice instantly.

Multilingual mastery is the term used by write-sonic as they have started well with 10 languages but Chatsonic is planning to launch more languages as more languages are coming.

Powers Of Audiosonic

Audiosonic Pricing

By signing in to writesonic you will get 10 minutes of free audio generation. After consuming all the free minutes you have to purchase Audiosonic.

  • $10 for 40 minutes: it is ideal for short projects and testing.
  • $25 for 100 minutes: this package is for medium users.
  • $50 for 200 minutes: A very budget package for long-term packages.
  • $100 for 400 minutes: Useful for very long-term projects.

Conclusion About Audiosonic

Audiosonic is an AI voice generator developed by writesonic. Audiosonic is able to translate 10 languages texts into voices, as writesonic is growing day by day they are launching more and more languages. 

Writesonic launched this project just for the user’s ease and the typical ones who have difficulty in any language so that’s how they would become able to change their text in any language, gonna help in closing their freelancing deal.

Audiosonic is an AI voice generator that is able to translate any text into 10 main languages.

Whenever you write any content through Chatsonic or any other content generation tool you simply have to paste your article on audiosonic a select language. Your audio will be ready in the blink of an eye.

1-$10 for 40 minutes.

 2-$25 for 100minutes

3-$50 for 200 minutes

4-$100 for 400 minutes.

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