Botsonic Build Your Custom Chatbot

Botsonic: Best Tool To Build Your Custom Chatbot

If you are looking to build a custom botsonic chatbot for your business, you have landed on the right page. WriteSonic product Chatsonic is highly appreciated for building your Chatbot for your business support.

I am Quoting Writesonic Goal “ Write sonic is providing an extra feature to build a chatbot to their business class customers to use the chatbot and integrate it into their website and as well as business support”.

Botsonic: Build Your Chatbot With No Code

Chatbots are basically created to be used in the business where live 24-hour support is needed but these chatbots are now making user experience very good by answering all the questions very precisely and instantly. 

We are providing a youtube video for you to better understand the concept of chatbots and how to make chatbots through chatsonic chatgpt.

About Chatsonic Botsonic

A fully customized Ai chatbot used as a No code custom chatgpt chatbot to create a sonicbot and then integrate it into a business to grow your support system. Here you can build your own chatbot in just 2 minutes.

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Top Features Of Botsonic

  • It is the only no-code AI chatbot builder.
  • Integrate and train chatgpt for best usage.
  • It is so flexible that it supports websites, pdfs, and much more.
  • Train a voice likely to your brand.
  • It can combine your scripts and your APIs with your website.
  • Its data-analyzing feature is awesome.
botsonic features

Botsonic Pricing

We are sharing the link to write-sonic website where you can buy botsonic because it is up to you to choose which type of package you want.

  • The pricing structure is very simple to understand.
  • You can scrap sitemaps and documents freely.
  • It would always be your value-to-money tool.
  • Also, free storage is provided.
  • Messaging to the bot sonic is surely free.
Chatsonic pricing

How To Use Botsonic Free

Botsonic gives You a free trial where you can use the tool absolutely free, it also gives you the advantage of training 1 bot while uploading 10000 words file.

If you want to use chatsonic bot with no worries of limitations you have to buy there paid version which starts from 19$ monthly but if you purchase it for the whole year its price decreases to 12.67$ per month giving you a discount of nearly 30%.

Discussing Botsonic Security

  • User privacy and unauthorized data or any access is not allowed.
  • Very secure cloud systems for data monitoring.
  • 24/7 support monitoring everything all time.
  • Any discrete data is removed instantly.
Chatsonic security


Botsonic is no code AI bot that anyone can use, it is specially made for business owners to use in their support system, An important feature of Botsonic is its multilingual support. 

It is an AI chatbot builder that doesn’t require any coding skills. It is directly connected to chatgpt 4 and answers your questions very prickly. So, click here and buy this tool to get this wonderful experience.

Botsonic is a bot builder which is known for its name as no code Ai bot builder, as it doesn’t require any code to build it. and is inspired by chatgpt4.

The answer is yes, it uses chatgpt4 to integrate its answers.

Yes, you can create your own chatbot by simply following the instructions given in the article.

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