Chatsonic Vs ChatGPT

Chatsonic Vs ChatGPT: Battle Of Powerful Chat Bots

Two attention seekers Chatsonic Vs ChatGPT are in the market, Both tools have an immense amount of qualities and features. They both are made especially to help content writers to improve their work quality and efficiency.

All of the content creation, blog writing, and interaction with clients has been phony up by the development of these two giants of content writing. Both tools are making their great way of progressing in the modern world of the metaverse.

Making further to that article you will be able to know how much these two competitors are full of features and are ready to dominate the world of content writing. we will further show you the differences between both Ai powered content writing tools.

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Chatsonic Vs Chat GPT: Battle Of AI’S

Writesonic developed chat sonic, which was launched in 2020. Basically, it is the model which depends upon Natural language processing (NLP) technology. It is often represented as the Alpha of Artificial Intelligence. Its user-friendly interface and the ability to understand the quarry of users make it quite impressive to use.

The founder of ChatGPT ELON MUSK was very keen to introduce software that is based on AI bots. After years of hardworking and spending a lot of money, now he released chatGPT 4 which is very capable of doing wonders which a human is not able to do.

So, the answer for who invented chat gpt is Elon Musk. so, comparing chatsonic vs chatgpt is all discussed in this topic.

Chatsonic Vs ChatGPT Comparison

Both Chat GPT vs Chat sonic are widely staked with several different features and qualities. While writing blogs or any articles they both are highly dependable assistants you need while writing.

  • Chatsonic can generate art galleries and also can answer voice commands, while ChatGPT 3 is not able to reply to voice and is also not able to generate images and art.
  • ChatGPT vs Chatsonic, ChatGPT is a highly capable programmer, as it can assist you in making any kind of program or tool.
  • ChatGPT can offer all types of codes, it is also multilingual and can generate NLP making it helpful for certain types of programmers, but because Chatsonic fetches data from Google so it is not able to generate unique codes thus is not very beneficial for programmers.
  • Talking about usage chatsonic ai vs chatgpt can be used on mobiles where as ChatGPT cant be used on mobile phone devices.
  • Chatsonic is offering an API key that you can easily buy and use on your own blog but ChatGPT cant has any API key to offer.
  • ChatGPT has no extension to offer, whereas Chatsonic has its own extension which makes Chatsonic easily assessable.
  • You don’t have to write anymore on Chatsonic because it supports voice commands where as chatGPT cant support voice.
  • Chat sonic vs Chat GPT, The last and most important difference is that ChatGPT has data till 2021 whereas Chatsonic can retrieve data directly from Google.
  • An affiliate program is also offered by Chatsonic whereas chatGPT has no affiliate program.

Upgrades In ChatGPT 4

According to the officials of chatGPT, the upgraded model ChatGPT 4 is more capable and dependable than the previous model of chatGPT. The upgraded model has more features than Chatsonic also. New features resemble chat sonic old features as chatsonic was able to communicate in images but the last version of chatGPT was not.

Talking about the improvements, the main highlighted feature is the showing of art, as same as Chatsonic. New ChatGPT is also able to answer your questions briefly with images in case of better understanding.

ChatGPT 4 is also able to answer questions about the images you posted, as it is able to understand the image which is produced. The second most important feature is that it can interpret the type of image and can gather the answer about that image also.

A thing that is going to disturb some users is that the new chatGPT is paid and it cost around 20$ per month and can generate up to 25000 words in that subscription.


Chatsonic was developed mainly for the help of content writers because it is able to generate images and also can answer voice commands. It also developed on the idea of making ease for typers as typing is hectic work that why it has equipped with voice features.

ChatGPT vs sonic has many cons as comparing to chatsonic chat gpt that’s why they came up with the idea of generating an upgraded version they have launched a new version of chatGPT which is called chatGPT 4.

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