Who invented Chatsonic

The geniuses who invented chatsonic are Samanyou Garg and Abhishek Bhardwaj. Writesonic is the company that developed Chatsonic, and the write-sonic founders were both Samanyou Garg and Abhishek Bhardwaj.

Chatsonic is an AI generation tool that is highly capable of generating high-quality content, images, and art. An extra feature that is not in any other tools is that it can understand voice commands. 

The date on which writesobnic launched chatsonic is 12 December 2022 representing it with the tagline of “Like ChatGPT but with Superpowers”. 

Who is the founder of write-sonic? The writesonic founder is also Samanyou Garg.

Who Is Samanyou Garg? Who Invented Chatsonic?

Samanyou Garg is an entrepreneur having a dedication to crack the modern ways of solving problems through artificial intelligence. 

Samanyou Garg has built many projects many of which are successful and are launched on many websites like Wired, International Business Times, Lifehacker, Entrepreneur, TNW, and many more. 

Here is the list of companies where Samanyou Garg has worked already

  • He is the founder and CEO of write-sonic.
  • Founder of TLDR. A text summarising tool.
  • Also a founder of the Ved Vyas Foundation. A project devoted to serving humankind by creating interactive digital experiences.
  • Worked as full stack developer at Deloitte Digital.
  • Founder of Zesture.

Samanyou Garg is a global undergraduate award winner which is often called a junior Nobel prize. 

Samanyou Garg has built many projects in write-sonic named photonic, botsonic, Audiosonic, and chatsonic. These three tools had an immense impact on AI generation as these tools are way ahead of other competitive tools. 

He also has a soft side towards spiritual meditation and has written a book to meditate through your spirits.

samanyou garg chatsonic founder

Conclusion: Who Founded Chatsonic

Chatsonic is a very powerful Artificial intelligence tool that is able to write up-to-date and knowledgeable articles and also has the ability to generate high-quality images and art. 

Chatsonic is owned by Write Sonic. Writesonic was founded by two geniuses samanyou Garg and Abhishekh Bhardwaj. Both are highly capable of making an impact in the modern AI world.

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